My daily food log and buying fruit!

I had a great day food wise! I ate so healthily! If I am not down when I weigh in this week, I’ll be so disappointed! I’ve been totally on track this week! I am actually pretty proud of myself!
Todays food is as follows!
Breakfast consisted of two slices of toast, and a mug of tea
Lunch, was actually an early dinner, we always eat dinner at lunch time on sundays, we had corned beef, peas, cabbage and potatos.
In the evening I had some fruit, a yogurt, and some rice crackers!
Other than those things I havent eaten anything else! I had tea, coffee and coke zero for drinks throughout the day!
I didnt get a chance to exercise today. I will do that tomorrow!
All in all though I am happy with how my day looked!
I went to the grocery store in the afternoon, and bought all of my fruit for the week. I got lots of it! 30 euros worth!
I got melon, manderines, pears, apples, kiwi’s, peaches, nectarines, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries!
So now I am all set!
Fingers crossed for my weigh in on tuesday!


I’ve managed to totally stay on track today! I am so proud of myself!
I went to a pet farm and we brought a picnic lunch! I ate turkey sandwiches and lots of fruit!
One bottle of coke zero! No junk food! Yay!
I came home and instead of reaching for takeout food I ate chicken and some baked beans!
😀 ❤
I am totally rocking this weight loss, and I am so hoping to be down at weigh in on Tuesday!
I am hoping for a loss of between 2 to 4 pounds!
I can do this! I know I can! 😀
Who agrees with me? 😛
I also got my exercise in today! I walked a lot and I did 2.3 miles in total! Yay 😛
Anyway its going to be fruit for the rest of the evening now! Fruits coming out through my ears hahahaha 😀

Journey begins 🙂

I haven’t updated this blog and now I’m going to finally. I’m still trying to lose weight. I lost 2 stone in total. That’s 28 pounds.

I still have about 5 more stone to go. Or 70 pound 😜

Come join me on my journey 💝😜💐

I’ll be documenting th ups and downs, and the highs and lows.

Enjoy the wild ride 😀💕🌻

On a scale of 1-10, how strict were your parents?

starting over, a new year a new me

so i started this blog last year. but then i didnt continue with my weight loss. but now, now its time. come jan 1st I will start on my journey. I am going to try hard to lose the excess weight. It wont be easy, but I’m ready. I’m ready to give it my best shot.

I have a target. Right now I weight 230 pounds, thats 16 stone. I’d like to get down to 150 pounds, so thats 80 pounds i need to lose.

I hope I can do it. I plan on starting january 1st. I will document my weight loss journey here on this blog.

Please follow me if you’d like to read about it.

Weigh in!

today I had a weigh in. it was unplanned. my nutritionist was at work, but I wasnt supposed to have an apt with her. i was seeing my cpn and texted her to ask if she was free, i really wanted to have a weigh in to see if i had lost anything.

she texted back saying she was free for a couple minutes and said she’d come get me in about 20 minutes. that suited me as it gave me time to finish up with my cpn.

when we got to her office we chatted for a while first. i told her i was using my fitness pal. she seemed to think that would be a good thing and told me if it was helping me to keep going with using it.

we talked about goals for the week. i told her i hadnt exercised much this past week, not at all hardly. and i havent been drinking water either. she told me to try to start to do these things this week and to also use lecothin granuals.

then the dreaded moment arrived. she got out the scales. i stood on it.

101 kg, 223 pounds. oh no. same weight, again. no weight loss this week. this is the third week, how frustrating.

i was really disappointed with myself. She told me not to worry. that it could be due to constipation, or lack of exercise, or no water intake, etc. try harder for next week was all she said.

and i’d been sooo good this week!

I’d had no chocolate, no crisps, no biscuits, no sweet things at all. I’d eaten plenty of fruit and veg, I’d had 3 healthy meals a day and hardly any snacks. And still I wasnt down.

I guess allI can do is try again next week.

Have you ever been stuck at a certain weight for more than a week? What did you do about it?

My fitness pal

I’ve decided to start using my fitness pal to track my calories, exercise, water intake, and overall weight loss.

I like what I’ve seen of it so far. I inputted all my info and it told me I had 1500 calories to use up for the day. When I added up all of my foods I have eaten today it only came to 1150 calories. So I am well under my goal for today.

The ap said if I keep eating the way I ate today, I can lose 8 pounds by the end of october. I can go from 222 to 213 in 5 weeks. That sounds like a very achievable target to aim for.

I think logging my progress will be good for me. It will keep me very motivated which is just what I need as I tend to lack motivation when it comes to drinking water and exercising.

Heres to hoping this will work for me.

Have you used this ap? If so did it help you?

Havent updated this blog in a while, going to do it now

ok so i have this blog and havent updated it. but now that i’ve decided to keep my weight loss journey separate from the rest of my life on my other blog which is private, I will make updates to this one more often.

Ok for newbys. I’m a 37 year old woman from ireland. I am blind, have been blind since birth, I also struggle with mental health issues. These include eating issues. Food and weight have always been a struggle for me.

I see a nutritionist, she is also a psychiatric nurse. We work on healthy eating, exercise, and weight loss. Each week we set goals and I try to stick to them. Some weeks I succeed, others not so much. But its all part of the journey right?

I havent had a weigh in this past week. This is because I am at respite and so could not make it to my appointment. I will have my weigh in next week as per usual. I am hopeful I’ll have lost some weight. I’ve been working hard this week on eating healthily and exercising.

I currently weigh 222 pounds, or 15 stone 12 pounds.

I dont have a target weight that I need to reach, we’re just taking it very slowly.

Slow and steady wins the race!

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I blog on my private blog about my psychotherapy process, living with ptsd and dissociative identity disorder, being a child abuse survivor, and other day to day life events that come up.

Thanks for reading.

Are you on a weight loss journey? How are you finding it?

carol anne